About Sarah

Sarah moved from Cambridge, England, to the Orkney Islands with her two children in 2008 where she now lives with her second husband and dog, Hope. She is often described as hilariously funny, honest, and relatable. ‘A sheer drop of positivity and happiness’. When she’s not doing her day job as a support worker, you will probably find her swimming in the sea or dreaming about it.

She loves writing and shares her observations on life in a funny, sensitive, and self-aware way through her blog and Instagram stories. Sarah describes herself as an extroverted-introvert, with a love of solitude, a deep passion for finding joy in the every day, and a love of scouring the beaches for tiny pieces of sea glass and pottery washed up on the shore.


My Book

In January 2019, Sarah’s world was shattered by the death of a close friend and her mother’s dementia diagnosis, both within the space of two weeks. In search of solace from her living grief, she turned to her newfound hobby of wild swimming.

With a startlingly honest, authentic, and often humorous voice, Sarah takes you through a year of swimming in Orkney seas whilst adapting to a new way of life with her mother’s declining memory.

Sarah’s reflective journey will make you laugh and cry, as she discovers a truth she has always known: that healing comes in waves.

‘Full of wisdom and delight and will be a great inspiration to anyone who has felt lost or stranded’

- Amy Liptrot - Author of The Outrun

‘Inspiring, funny and touching - often on the same page’

- Rachael Lucas

‘Moving, witty and wise - I alternately cheered and teared up through her inspiring and transformative year’

- Shauna Reid

‘I absolutely loved it! - it is so relatable, I cried quite a few times and cheered Sarah on as she found joy in wild swims’ 

- Lisa Irwin

Paperback & eBook

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